Our mission

Care for our fragile planet using our pyrolysis expertise. Work in successful partnerships, helping the world reprocess plastic into something useful at the end of its life.

Energy from waste

DCE Fuel is a full service, design, supply, installation and maintenance of production plants processing waste plastic into DCE FUEL®. A biofuel for electricity generation, marine, aviation and road transport.


The mobile device app provides trading and production process monitoring 24-hours a day.

Operators use our unique software platform for trading in the waste plastic feedstock supply and DCE FUEL® output sales.

The integrated refining plant process will also accept previously used motor, cooking and tank cleaning oils for reprocessing

Waste to money

We are working in the market of recycling specifically waste plastics.

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Help the evnironment

311 million tonnes of plastic are manufactured each
year, only 5% is recycled effectively

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Never ending supply

Forecasted annual virgin plastic production
by 2050 is 1.1 billion tonnes

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Saving the planet, one litre a time.

Other recycling plant manufactures can aspire to our benchmark! We go above and beyond by offering a turnkey solution:


Expert partners who deliver the service of land sourcing, planning, environmental permitting and regulation.

On-site works offered include: Whole building design service, site and operations office construction, steel structure warehousing, tank storage and weighbridge.

Utility services: Gas, electricity, water and drainage.



Without doubt COVID-19 has had a huge effect on businesses that relied on travelling across the globe to seek out those innovative pieces of equipment that build the puzzle of the waste plastic to fuel plant designs.

It’s given great opportunity to reflect on the research available to examine how we can better increase industrial production yield by using existing technologies more efficiently.

Today, we look forward to working on the challenges that 2021 brings, delivering cost-effective ways to turn waste plastic into fuel.

Please contact me directly or any members of our team to get your questions answered. 

Stephen English. Director. Dot Com Europe Ltd.

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