UK and mainland Europe

First mover advantage for innovators

Our target market is the owner-operator with a local source of waste plastic, having a specific need for the DCE FUEL® output.

  • UK and European design and manufacture of plant, software and control
  • In a continuous operation, the plant will recycle 336 tonnes of waste plastic each 30-day cycle and produce up to 336,000 litres of fuel
  • Each plant requires nine staff over a 24-hour cycle, typical land size of two acres (8,093 sq. Meters) with HGV access and utilities
  • All plants follow the help and guidance issued by the Environment Agency on which regulations and controls apply
Continuous 30-day cycle

The plant recycles 336 tonnes of waste plastic, producing 336,000 litres of fuel

First mover advantage

Partnership programs bringing success to startups

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The UK Petroleum Industry Association reports that each day, 74 million litres of diesel are sold in the UK

HM Revenue and Customs data for 2015, UK drivers used 28.8 billion litres of diesel

Growing demand for fuel

Some 27.416 billion litres of diesel were pumped into Britain’s vehicles in the first 11 months of 2019


10 tonne pyrolysis processing plant

For use with either batch feeder or continuous feeder

Fuel purification plant

Purifies the output fuel from the reactor into quality diesel fuel